Behind the Scene

Eric and I are evermore digital nomads on a constant quest for bliss & beauty. We seek the new only once we got a real feel for a place and can confidently say: we left wiser. Eric writes on numerology on his blog, where he also offers personal numerology readings that help you find guidance in your life (AND WHICH ARE SPOT ON!). Rose is an Online German teacher, always eager to customize the perfect class for each individual in order to reach your goal and surprise yourself with your motivation and progress. You can shoot her a message at and include your interests and goals. Simultaneously we look after the animals of owners who need a vacay themselves. We sit for free, get the crib for free, love up pets for free, learn about cultures for free.While both of us stick to our full-time jobs we are so passionate about, we realized our lifestyle is pretty awesome and we should blog about it. So here it is.20170120_175600

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