A Timeline of Our Travels

Even though both of us have been traveling the globe excessively previously to meeting one another, this here will be a timeline of our joint explorations. It will mostly be one or two exemplary photographs from each stop. Otherwise, it would quickly turn into a huge gallery.

Meeting at this beach in Koh Chang, Thailand (not at this hour though)

Eric followed Rose to Myanmar

Inle Lake – one of our favorite places in Myanmar

to be continued….

A Day in the Life of a House Sitter

Hey there fellow (future) full-time travelers, evermore nomads, and house sitters!

Last year, our explorations of Southeast Asia brought us to the wonderful world of Bali, where a friend of ours asked if we’d like to take over a housesit for him, one that he was unable to do. For those of you who don’t yet know the opportunities that exist with house sitting, and more importantly for us, pet-sitting – prepare to have your mind blown!

After this first initial house sit in Bali we were hooked. We knew we wanted to do this non-stop. We turned ourselves into digital nomads first, working away on our laptops, then established our life as professional house/pet sitters. Find out how you can do it too.

Since then our days look a lot like this, when we had 8 dogs and one cat and lived in a luxurious Balinese villa close to a black sand beach:

6/7 AM – Wake-up call from the howling of the pack. They can’t wait to see us! Make sure we give each one of the eight (who knows where the cat is) a warm good-morning snug!

7/8 AM – Whistle for all the dogs, count to 8, motivate one or two who aren’t really feeling it this morning – are or simply craving some special attention – then go for a long walk on the beach. Return and (hopefully) count to 8 again as dog after dog hops through the gate and into the yard. Did you know that Bali dogs are considered the most independent dogs the world over? This means that after most walks there are a couple dogs missing, off on an adventure. But no need to worry. A rescue is incredibly loyal and thankful and will return home after another hour or so, leaping over the tall fence without us even noticing.

The only photograph all eight beauties are on – the two on the wall are guard dogs.

8/9am BREAKFAST TIME! Most days it’s a muesli bowl and a homemade fruit smoothie. Eric is the undisputed king of scrambled eggs (we had a bakery just a quick scooter ride away – heaven for the bread-loving German soul in Rose), so it’s often that and a freshly baked goodie! WE LOVE OUR LIFE!

10am FUN TIME! Eric usually goes straight to solving mysteries/work, as this is his number one hobby (check it out on https://extra-capsa.com/). For Rose, this means time for relaxing, doing Yoga, reading Thrillers, researching online jobs, playing soccer with dogs and teaching them tricks, baking …you name it. Back then, Rose was on a Solo Backpacking Mission after finishing her Bachelor’s degree in German as a Foreign Language, and after a few months met Eric. Since July 2017 she is teaching German online, HAVING FUN.

2/3pm is usually time for lunch, which means hopping on the scooter and convincing Mandy, the alpha of the pack (probably because she had one tooth scarily sticking out at all times) and the smallest one of all, to stay at home. She always managed to squeeze through some hole in the fence and then jump between our feet and onto the scooter! She always wanted to come with and would chase us for 1 km solid whenever we left. This life… a dream come true. As we adore to try new things like local food shacks or street food, we often drive for a while until we find a place that sparks our curiosity. Time for indulgence!

4 pm, usually time for some resting & reading, followed by playing with the dogs & some yoga.

5/6pm time for another walk off into the sunset. The two cuties on the left are Susu and Madu, nature appreciating brothers who reminded us to be mindful and grateful – every beautiful day. They would pause like this and just look out at the sea or sniff the flowers.


7pm DINNER TIME! After the walk, we have a little snack in front of the pack (as we are the alphas and alphas eat first :-p) before we feed them. It’s extremely important to know the pack hierarchy, for which each of the dogs has fought to establish and to then feed them in that exact order, every time.

8pm – the rest of the evening is usually reserved for us to have some quality time. We love eating out, especially when it’s so succulently delicious and CHEAP in Southeast Asia. The majority of home&pet owners leaves us with a free car or scooter to use as we please. Thus our days generally include some exploring of anything in that region. Dreams do come true!


The homeowner left us a scooter which we thankfully used to explore the magnificent island of Bali! Here you can see the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

How To Travel Full Time with an Empty Wallet: Luxury House Sitting

Welcome, guys! Thank you so much for checking us out 🙂

A lot of you wonder how we can afford to travel the world non-stop without, you know, having loads of money at our disposal – no benevolent billionaire sponsors, no extremely high-paying jobs, and no lottery wins just yet. We were definitely working hard to realize this dream of ours, and have been fortunate to receive some guidance from the universe along the way. Last year, our explorations of Southeast Asia brought us to the wonderful world of Bali, where a friend of ours asked if we’d like to take over a housesit for him, one that he was unable to do. For those of you who don’t yet know the opportunities that exist with house sitting, and more importantly for us, pet-sitting – prepare to have your mind blown!

This friend was scheduled to live in a luxurious Balinese villa for a month and look after 8 rescue dogs and 1 cat – with no money involved. This entailed feeding the pets, going for walks to the nearest black-sand beach (all the dogs off-lead) and showering them with all the love and attention they so deserve. For us, none of this qualifies as real work, much more like play, and all the while we wouldn’t need to pay a penny for our accommodation! ‘Sign us up,’ we said.

So we video-chatted the homeowner, who loved us, and we packed up, hopped on our scooter and raced over to Cemagi, where the house is situated. From that day on, an idea began brewing in our minds. A tingling sensation we could each feel throughout our entire bodies, realizing what this might mean for our future. “Couldn’t we just do sit, after sit, after sit…?” we asked each other, which then led to the conclusion: Let’s do this non-stop!

From that moment on, our days in Bali (and all over the world up until now and into the future) look more or less like this: wake up, walk and feed the pets, do whatever we want, go for a walk with dogs again and then live life the way we normally would. If you’re keen to know how wonderful you’re life as a house sitter ACTUALLY can be, read A Day in the Life of a House Sitter.

Now that you’ve been reading along so patiently, the reward is here! You can feel it deep down in your gut, you NEED to know how can you do it too. The good news is: that’s simple! You just need to register with a website like TrustedHousesitters*. While we were still in Cemagi, we took a closer look at the website and saw that there’s a huge amount of housesits all over this wonderful globe of ours. If only we could do all of them! The yearly fee (used for identity checks for everyone’s safety) is around $90, but GREAT NEWS once again! Send us a message/leave a comment with your Email address and we invite you, which gives you 25% off! 

What can you do to score your first sweet-ass housesit? First of all, you need to be an enthusiastic traveler and animal-loving human being! LRM_EXPORT_20170406_123140.jpgWrite up a kick-ass profile that displays this to your potential host. Upload some high-quality photographs showing you with animals. Write about your experience with animals – Did you grow up with one? Did you ever take care of a friends pet? What do you know about the needs of this animal? If you’re only looking for houses without any pets, explain what you can bring to the table. Did you ever look after a house and are a generally tidy person? Do you like gardening? Do you know how to maintain a clean pool? The list goes on. Name anything that you would look for in a house sitter. Explain why you want to look after s/o’s precious pets/house (we normally put this in the specific application letter to the host) and why you’re trustworthy. Spend a good deal of time perfecting your profile – remember that if you do it well, you’ll only need to do it once!

Secondly, for the purpose of creating credibility in your profile, get somebody else onto the platform, that can then write you a reference. One can register for free and see all the house sits. You can do this to browse, take a first look and figure out whether you’re really into it (trust us, you are). Note: without paying the fee you cannot apply for house sits nor can you see the specific dates. Solid first step, nevertheless. 🙂

Lastly, start looking for an appealing house sit and apply! Homeowners usually get multiple applications, so read the information they give on their pet/s and responsibilities carefully and refer to those in your cover letter. The best candidate wins! We automatically look at the pets first, then the home, and only apply when we get the feeling. 

Once you get accepted to a sit, you have a binding contract with the homeowner. Only when the sit is completed can the host write you a review. These reviews are highly important – they make up your profile’s overall rating. If you did a good job, the home is clean and the pet (and therefore the host) happy, you get 5*THIS is what then scores you the top-notch homes including a car, a housekeeper, a pool, a patio, garden, open fireplace etc.! Still for free. Imagine that?!

The reward can look like one of your recurring fantasies: imagine yourself  sitting on the patio of a majestic mafia-style villa overlooking the city, your feet dangling in the  pool while you pet a sweetie like the one above, nibble on some cheese and wash it down with the local red wine (yes, Rose is having a sexy throwback to a past house sit in the south of France).

This first house sit in Cemagi, BALI, is more than a year ago, already! Considering that we’re doing this full time since September 2017, do not have apartments or responsibilities apart from our jobs, this annual fee means that our yearly rent adds up to…that’s right: $90!

There are other, less committing ways you can launch your life as a house/pet sitter. You could begin by looking for short-term sits in your region – a weekend getaway to see your hometown with the eyes of an explorer. This way you can get a first impression, determine whether you feel comfortable in a strangers’ home and are up for the challenge of looking after it. Starting out like this, you’re not investing lots of money in distant traveling and can probably even use your own car. Or you can plan your HOLIDAY according to the dates of a house sit. 6 days in a sweet flat in Brooklyn, NYC? 2 weeks in Tuscany? 2 days in Amsterdam? 1 month on a farm with 2 horses and a pool in by the sea in Costa Rica? Everything is possible.

Why would we work 9-5, struggle to pay the bills, always think twice about going out, carefully plan our holiday around the public holidays if we can live and smile like this? It is the best decision we’ve made so far.

Eric capturing a feeling in Ubud, in the south of Bali

*Here you can see some other websites that offer house sits (prices as of July 2018):


What do you think? Are you interested in traveling this way? Or did you already try and want to share your experiences? Let us know if you have any questions or simply want to say hi – in the comment section or via evermorenomads@gmail.com. We’re happy to hear from!


Behind the Scenes/ About Us

We, Rose and Eric, are Evermore (Digital) Nomads on a constant quest for Bliss & Beauty. We only seek the new and unknown, once we’ve got a real feel for a place and can confidently say: we will leave wiser. This joint journey started in the beginning of 2017 and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. 😛

Eric writes a blog about numerology on extra-capsa.com, decoding public/historic events. On this platform, he also provides personal numerology readings that help you find guidance in your life – to understand yourself and your place in the world better. To figure out whether this job, this partner, this particular step whatever it may be, is meant for you.

Rose is an Online German teacher, customizing the perfect class for each individual and his and her goals. Reaching these and surprising yourself with your motivation and progress is so much easier this way! If you’re interested in learning German, you can shoot her a message with your ideas at easygermanonlineschool@gmail.com.

Together we make a pair of pet sitters! We look after the animals of owners, who need a vacation themselves. We pet sit for free, get the crib for free, love up the pets for free, and get the chance to travel & learn about cultures at the same time. We normally stay at a place from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 2 months (that’s usually when the wanderlust takes a hold of us again). While both of us stick to the jobs we’re so passionate about, we realized our lifestyle is pretty awesome and a mystery to the majority. So we thought we should blog about it. Here it is.