Solo Female Travels

Big HI to all the wonderful women, who’d love to start traveling SOLO or are already doing it!

If you’re still hesitant about taking this step, let me tell you why you should:  because you can! I, Rose, have been to so many countries, starting as a little kid joining international camping trips and exchanges, which had such a positive impact on me that I continued to travel on my own once I finished college. Without counting the countries I’ve been to as a child (which have been organized and financed for me) but solely the ones I paid for, accomplished and explored SOLO (before meeting Eric. Now he wants to go wherever I go) myself I have been to Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland, England, Australia, Brasil, Portugal, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam & Cambodia, if I don’t forget any.

Total all-over country count: 28

I will start publishing posts about my favorite countries and the best tips I can give you. Traveling as the radiant, beautiful and sexy woman each one of you is, is slightly different than backpacking as a man. We know it, they don’t really do.

My blog post will be on how to stay safe, how to find the best destinations, how to budget, how to plan, how to finance it, how to capture your favorite moments….. you name it! Putting all this together is an adventure in itself and makes me reflect upon my experiences anew. Some of the best memories are made SOLO. This is when you grow the most.

Stay curious, want more from life